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Transport costs have put up the price of all "big bag" products dramatically this season.
Also, Bark is in short supply nationally and this has had an additional affect on prices.

Levington Chipped
Decorative Bark


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This is the most popular alternative to Peat.
Bark actually lasts longer than Peat because it decomposes more slowly.
Bark when applied in chipped form is particularly effective in keeping
weeds down and looks very decorative compared to Peat.

  • Bark is better than Peat as a source of humus as it lasts
    longer before breaking down.
  • Bark is excellent mulch for keeping down weeds.
  • Chipped Bark is particularly good mulch and is also very
    decorative.Composted Bark is an excellent Peat substitute.
  • Bark based Composts are, in our opinion, not yet as good
    as Peat based ones but they are improving all the time.
Composted Bark


See also Peat, Coir and Cocoa Shell

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