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Real Christmas Trees - Fresh Cut from The Highlands
There's still nothing to beat a Real Tree at Christmas - Freshly Cut Or Potted

2014 Prices
Beware imported trees cut as early as October!

Christmas Trees
Highland Grown and freshly cut







Nordman Firs






Fraser Firs






Nordman Firs

The new traditional Christmas tree replacing the old Norwegian Spruce. With excellent needle retention and a light blue tint to the underside of the needles.

Fraser Firs

A very popular variety next to the Nordman Firs, still with excellent needle retention but with a bluer tint to the underside of the needles. They also tend to be narrower while still being full and thick which make them ideal for tight corners or smaller rooms.

Top Tips!

Make sure to water your tree regularly (it can take up to 2 pints a day). Place it away from heat sources. And add cheap lemonade to the water (1 part to 2 parts water), the sugars really do help.

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Buy your Christmas Tree early

Select your Christmas tree early for best choice. Store outside until you want to bring it indoors for decoration. Nothing smells better than a traditional Norway spruce, but Nordman firs and Scots pine will hold their needles longer. Cut an inch off the stem and put your tree in a stand with a water reservoir and topped up as necessary - daily at first.

Larger sizes - price on application. All Trees subject to availability

Select your Tree

Decorate your Tree

Enjoy your Tree

The finished product!
Don't forget the Mistletoe!

More Tree information

Nordman Fir

Currently the top choice for indoor Christmas tree, the lush, glossy, rich green needles are soft and dense making it easy to decorate and the strong branches will support your lights and decorations to create a stunning display. Excellent needle retention.

Noble Fir

Beautiful soft green-blue needles, neat compact branches and a heavenly fragrance make this tree a perfect choice for a festive home. With excellent needle retention and strong dense foliage this tree truly is a noble choice.

Fraser Fir - Our personal favourite

Quite often sold with pine cones still attached, this tree has a gorgeous citrus scent, dark green foliage and string branches. The Fraser Fir tends to grow with a more compact, upright trend making it a good choice for smaller rooms. As with our other firs, keep well watered to help retain the needles.

Norway Spruce

The traditional choice for Christmas trees, strong branches make for easy decorating, though the needles can tend to be fairly sharp and will drop in heated rooms. Keep outside as long as possible then bring in to an un-heated or cool room for best needle retention.

Blue Spruce

As its name suggests this tree is more of a blue-grey colour creating a nice contrast of colours. Strong branches and a rich festive scent combine with good needle retention to make this tree a pleasure to decorate and display. Quite often a wide base on these trees, making a perfect place to hide presents.

Scotts Pine

Strong branches with twisted green/blue needles. A superb choice for needle retention, the Scots Pine will fill any room with a pine perfume throughout the festive season.

Here’s some top tips to keep your tree looking great for as long as possible:

  1. Make a fresh cut of about half an inch to the base of the trunk – this will help it absorb water and stay fresh.
  2. Stand your tree in a water holding tree stand – these will provide a good size water reservoir and also stability for your tree.
  3. Keep your tree as cool as possible – keep outside until you are ready to bring it indoors and decorate it.
  4. Try not to buy a tree which has been stored netted and remove the netting as soon as you get home – heat will build up inside a netted tree and cause needles to drop.
  5. Remove any unsightly lower branches but don’t throw them away – tie them together at the base to create fan shaped door decoration.
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