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Ultra Pro
Micro Soaker
Hose Types

Hozelock offers a range of garden hoses to suit different needs.
Choose the best one for your puprose.

Multi purpose:
A durable, lightweight reinforced hose with a translucent green outer, suitable for most garden applications. Available in 15, 30 and 50m coils.

An extra-thick, reinforced, crush-resistant hose that is designed for high strength and long life.
Choose professional for heavy-duty applications.
Available in 25 or 50m coils.

A superior specification hose with a specially designed reinforcing layer that virtually eliminates twists & kinks.
Lightweight and easy to manage, this hose is suitable for general garden use.
Available in 30 or 50m coils.

Ultra Pro:
A premium 5 layer hose pipe.
This hose has a smooth inner layer, knitted reinforcement and a UV resistant outer layer.
Ultra Pro is Anti Kink and Anti Crush.

Soaker Hose:
To water beds & borders efficiently - also useful in the Greenhouse.

Sprinkler Hose:
For a gentle sprinkler effect amongst younger plants.

Starter Sets:

All Hozelock Hoses are also available in starter sets.

Complete with:
Tap connector,
Hose end connector,
Hose Nozzle

All you need to get you started!

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