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Quality Bedding
for winter and spring colour

so called "Autumn" bedding plants are planted now to bring Winter and Spring colour to your garden. e.g. Pansies, Forget-me-nots (Myosotis) and Bellis are the best known.


Goodbye Patchy Lawns:

After the rigours of the winter, your lawn is probably looking a bit patchy – so it’s time to do something about it. Repairing worn-out patches and overseeding the whole lawn will make it thicker, lusher and greener.


Pathclear as it's name suggests is designed for keeping paths and driveways clear of Weeds.
When applied in the correct concentration it can last for months.

Mellow fruitfulness will be in full swing this month with lots of fruit and veg to harvest. Autumn and winter vegetables are a great source of fresh food, but they can be troubled by insect pests.A spray with an insecticide suitable for edible crops, such as BugClear For Fruit & Veg, gives excellent control of many pests including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and caterpillars that can ruin many autumn vegetables.

Talking of insect pests - are last-minute aphids, lily beetles, vine weevil and other insect pests causing you grief? Then this is the last month to do something about it until spring. Giving a spray with a systemic insecticide in September will provide protection from attack before the pests go into hibernation for the winter later in the autumn and help to provide pest-free plants.

Check out: Scotts Garden Diary
(full of information and tips for the current month))
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