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Chemicals are widely used in the garden, but be caeful, some can be dangerous.

Fertilizers, Weedkillers, Pesticides, Fungicides and Slug Pellets

Remember Chemicals can be dangerous.
Read the label carefully and always follow the instructions.

Plants need minerals, just as we do, for healthy growth - it's as simple as that.
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Weedkillers are not intelligent; they cannot distinguish between a weed and your prize rose - so be careful!
How do you define a weed? Grass in a rose bed is a weed; grass in your lawn is not!
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a good general weedkiller, fast acting but with little penetration, it kills what it touches and little else.
Good for grass and small annual weeds - not much use for weeds with large root systems.
Quick acting.

A residual weedkiller that can stick to soil particles and persist for months.
It is ideal for paths and driveways but not where you intend planting.

Probably the most effective weedkiller for the garden.
Good penetration, will work its way right through a plant to kill it.
This takes time so it is slower to kill the plant.

Tumbleweed Gel:
Like Roundup it contains Glyphosate but being a gel it can be painted on with a brush - very handy for killing weeds in amongst other plants.


Kill insects on plants. There is a very limited range of them available nowadays.
Systemic pesticides such as Provado can be effective for up to 6 weeks after application - very useful for preventing re-infection.
The majority of pesticides are contact ones and wash off.
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Kill fungal diseases on plants. There is a very limited range of them available.
Most fungicides are systemic i.e. they are absorbed into the plants "system" and persist for some time.
Fungal infections follow insect attacks so fungicides are often best used in conjunction with a pesticide.
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Slug Pellets:
Slugs can be one of the most destructive pests in the garden and pellets are the most effective control.
Barrier methods based on crushed shell or similar products are less effective.
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I hope you find these information sheets helpful as a basic guide.

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