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Pesticide & Fungicides Information
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Pesticides kill Insects and other Pests - Fungicides kill Fungi and other Diseases.
There are very few Pesticides or Fungicides left on the market for use by the public.

Keep an eye on the newly developing stems of roses and shrubs for the first signs of aphid attack. Clusters of greenfly and blackfly will normally show on growing tips and on the underside of new leaves.

Unfortunately these colonies of sap sucking insects can quickly breed and spread throughout the garden if left to their own devices.

To stop them in their tracks zap them with a new systemic insecticide such as BugClear Ultra Gun! Just one spray with this ready for use product will kill the aphids and many other common pests that are sheltering on the flowering shrubs and give internal protection against newcomers for the next three weeks.
N.B. This kind of insecticide is not suitable for edible plants.

There's a few pests that create the most gardening havoc each year. Top of the list this season have been slugs and snails, quickly followed by aphids (greenfly, blackfly) and ants. Other culprits have included whitefly, scale insects, caterpillars, mealy bug and red spider mites. Knowing the signs of pest attack, and how to tackle them, is the most effective way to combat problems next season.

Are you bothered with Garden Pests?
AphidsPests can ruin all your good work and damage valuable plants.
Greenfly (and other flies) suck the sap and eat the leaves of plants. This damage to the leaves can then let in fungal infections that cause even more damage.

Plants will rarely die from these attacks in the short term, but they fail to thrive, leading to poor flowers and crops and could eventually die if not treated.

Pesticides are best sprayed onto plants. The flies will absorb it through their feet when they land on the leaves or ingest it when they bite the leaves or even inhale it if they are present during spraying.
Bug Clear: is a contact pesticide and will only kill flies it comes in contact with, any eggs will be unaffected. These eggs will hatch in 3-4 days and the process will repeat itself. Regular spraying is therefore necessary.
BugClear Ultra Gun!
is a "Systemic" Pesticide. Systemic means it is absorbed into the system (or sap) of the plant and can remain active there for weeks. This cuts down the amount of spraying needed.
Provado: is another systemic pesticide.
Rose Clear 3: kills Greenfly (but not Ladybirds).

There are old fashioned cures such as planting Marigolds among
Roses as Greenfly are supposed to dislike like Marigolds.
Ladybirds prey on Greenfly and help control them.


Watch out for slugs and snails
Slugs are voracious eaters and can strip a plant in no time.
Protect the new growth of delphiniums, hostas and other vulnerable cottage garden plants with a liquid slug killer. Water SlugClear over and around these decorative plants to kill off hidden slugs and snails, did you know that 80% of slugs are actually live under ground? If you prefer the power of pellets then sprinkle SlugClear Advanced Pellets thinly as directed on the pack around the plants you want to protect.

Slug Pellets: are very effective - simply sprinkle the Pellets around your plants.
The old fashioned method of burying a jar and filling it with beer works well. Slugs are attracted to the beer, fall in and drown.
If you don't want to kill them, try a layer of sharp material such as gravel round your plants to deter them - not particularly effective.

Animal Repellants:
Many animals such as Cats and Rabbits can be a nuisance in the Garden. We simply want to deter them - not kill them. Try:
Catapult or Pepper Dust or any of the various Animal deterrents that we stock.

Mice & Rats: If you have a problem with these we stock a wide range of products for dealing with them.

Ants: are becoming an increasing problem and again we have a wide range of products for dealing with them.

Miracle Gro and sweet peas


For long-lasting protection indoors spray along skirting boards with Ant Stop Gun! Out in the garden dust Ant Stop! Powder along runs and at nest entrances. To kill the whole nest, open an Ant Stop! Bait Station and allow the workers to take the attractive bait back to their mates in the nest.

Always read the label. Use Pesticides carefully.
Provado contains Imidacloprid. Rose Clear 3 contains Bifenthrin & Flutriafol. BugClear T and BugClear Gun!T contain bifenthrin.  Roseclear Gun!T contains bifenthrin and flutriafol. SlugClearT Advanced Pellets and SlugClearT contain metaldehyde

Have you a Fungal infection?
Fungi, Moulds, Lichen, Moss and Toadstools are all related.

Fungus and Mould: can wreak havoc on plants in a very short time. They thrive in wet conditions and we've had plenty of rain in recent years. Infection can also follow an attack by insects. The damaged plant tissues are wide open to a fungal attack and the fungal spores are often carried by the very insects that did the damage.
For this reason it is usually a good idea to combine a Pesticide with a Fungicide when spraying your plants.
The best known, and the most common, Fungi on plants are:
Black Spot, Mildew and Rust.
Rot is always caused by a Fungus or Mould

Fungus and Mould on plants can be controlled using Fungicides such as:
Fungus Clear
Systane Fungus Fighter
As always the secret is to catch the infection in time before it gets a hold on the plant.
Most Fungicides are systemic in action so a single spraying can be effective for several weeks, helping to prevent re-infection.

Moss, Lichen and Toadstools: are related to Fungi and can cause a lot of problems in the garden, particularly the Lawn.
Lichen looks like large, flat, leathery pancakes and it is difficult to imagine it being related to Fungi. Toadstools often appear on Lawns as rings, so called "Fairy Rings". Moss, well we all know about Moss - it has become epidemic in recent years.
Any proprietary Mosskiller will take care of all three.
Try a combined "Weed, Feed & Mosskiller" for a complete solution, such as:
Evergreen Complete
Otherwise for Moss alone try:
Ferrous Sulphate
Lawn Sand
Evergreen Mosskill

Always read the label. Use Fungicides and Mosskillers carefully.
EverGreen® Complete contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate.
Evergreen Mosskill and Lawn Sand contains ferrous sulphate. Fungus Clear contains Penconazole. Systane Fungus Fighter contains Myclobutanil.

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Remember to spray in March with RoseClear or FungusClear Ultra to protect next years' new growth.
Do not compost the infected material, if they are marked with Blackspot disease, as this could spread the disease.

I hope you find these information sheets helpful as a basic guide.

Bug Clear for pots

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