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Weedkiller Information*


Summer bedding is fading and many plants have past their best. The only thing that's guaranteed to keep on growing are the weeds. Don't despair - as you can kill those weeds without digging. Annual weeds can be treated in a day with Weedol Gun! MAX but bindweed, couch grass, ground elder and other tough weeds need the power of Roundup to kill the roots.

Use Weedkillers carefully - always read the Label and follow the Instructions

Weedkillers in many ways are badly named, as in general, they kill all Plants not just Weeds.
Many are highly Toxic so care must be taken in their storage as well as in their use.
Always read the instructions carefully and do not be tempted to deviate from them.
Weedkillers are usually applied by watering can or sprayer. Many people prefer to use a hoe
to avoid using chemicals..

Annual weeds will pop through bare soil ready to make a mess of your flower bed before you get a chance to sow flower seed or put out bedding plants. In mixed borders, weeding with a hoe can sometimes damage shallow rooting plants and do more harm than good. That's why it can be better to use a simple contact weedkiller such as Weedol 2 or the ready-to-use Weedol Gun! (both contain diquat) to clear these first annual weeds. You can see results in a few days and you can carry on sowing or planting as soon as the leaves have dried. For more stubborn weeds use a Glyphosate weedkiller such as Roundup but understand that it will be slower to kill as it needs time to penetrate to all parts of theweed.

For those people who prefer not to use traditional chemical weedkillers there are some new ones on the market that are based on naturally occurring chemicals. Weedol MAX is one such new contact weedkiller and contains pelargonic acid, a molecule found in many plant cells, but when concentrated and sprayed onto plant leaves becomes a powerful weedkiller. It's fast-acting, showing visual effects in just a few hours and kills the weed in a day. So if you want to unleash the power of nature, look out for Weedol MAX or the ready to use Weedol Gun! MAX.

Contact Weedkillers:
As their name implies these Weedkillers are absorbed on contact with the plant and then proceed to kill the plant by interfering with it's Biochemistry.
In general they are inactivated on contact with the soil so once absorbed by the plant are harmless to children and pets.
They are usually highly toxic so care is needed both in their use and with their storage.
e.g. Weedol, Roundup, Tumbleweed, SBK Deep Root, Root Out

as well as a host of specialised weedkillers.
Residual Weedkillers:

This group of Weedkillers are absorbed by the roots of plants and then proceed to kill them.
They remain active in the soil for long periods and are therefore useful for not only killing weed
but for keeping them away for long periods.

This residual effect makes these Weedkillers unsuitable for killing Weeds amongst other Plants.
e.g Pathclear.
Pathclear as it's name suggests is designed for keeping paths and driveways clear of Weeds.
When applied in the correct concentration it can last for long periods.
Pathclear with gravel steps in background

Weedkillers are not all the same

Treating gravel drives and paths with a special residual weedkiller will not only get rid of the existing weeds, but will help to prevent newly germinating weed seeds from taking hold for weeks or even months. One simple application of Pathclear Weedkiller PC can stop re-growth for up to 3 months. For larger areas you can buy it in ready-measured sachets that will treat 10 square metres each, or for smaller spot treatments, use Pathclear Gun! for the ultimate in ‘ready to use’ convenience.
Use now before weeds get a grip on your garden!

Difficult Weeds
Roundup Tree Stump killer

Knock Out that Knotweed, tree stumps and other hard to kill weeds

Tough weeds including Japanese knotweed is a devil to get rid of. But Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller has a unique application method to kill it, roots and all. In late summer cut back the stems and add 10ml of diluted weedkiller to each hollow stem. There's a pipette in each box to make the application accurate and very effective. Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller WORKS FOR TREES AND STUMPS AND ROOTS AS WELL.

The Hoe is one of the most useful Tools in the
garden, particularly for weeding.
It is easy to use and is environmentally friendly.
Simply push the Hoe backwards and forwards
through the soil. This helps break up the soil,
increasing aeration and uprooting weed seedlings.
The weed seedlings dry out and die due to the
root damage. If done regularly weeds never get
properly establishedand die off..

You will need a Sprayer or Watering Can to apply your Weedkiller

I hope you find these information sheets helpful as a basic guide.

*Always read the label. Use Weedkillers safely.
BugClear ™ and BugClear Gun!™ contain bifenthrin. EverGreen® Complete contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate. Pathclear® Ultra contains glyphosate, oxidiazon and diflufenican. Pathclear Gun!™ contains glyphosate and diuron. Roseclear Gun!™ contains bifenthrin and flutriafol. SlugClear™ Advanced Pellets and SlugClear™ contain metaldehyde. Weedol® 2 and Weedol Gun!™ contain diquat.
®, ™ , Miracle-Gro and Levington are Trade Marks of The Scotts Company or its affiliates.

Sodium Chlorate has now been
withdrawn from the market

Sodium Chlorate was one of the longest established Weedkillers ane considered by many to be "old fashioned"
but it was still very very effective.
If applied in sufficient strengh Sodium Chlorate could keep weeds away for very long periods.

Sodium Chlorate was flammable.
Care should be taken with its storage.

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