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Autumn Lawn Food
Miracle Gro and sweet peas

After a summer of hard wear and periods of dry weather, your precious lawn deserves a helping hand so that it can recover this autumn. Apply a special lawn treatment, such as EverGreen Autumn, which will strengthen the root system and kill off any moss. One treatment will also ensure your lawn wakes up in the spring, greener and healthier. Autumn is considered the best time to Feed your Lawn.
Many Bowling and Tennis Clubs feed mainly in the Autumn. Autumn Lawn Food is formulated to encourage root growth and not top growth Since grass grows from the Roots, encouraging Root growth means a thicker Lawn, next year.

100 sq m
Scotts Lawn Food 100 sqm
Scotts Lawn Food 400 sqm
Evergreen Autumn Lawn Food with Mosskiller
Evergreen Autumn Lawn Food with Mosskiller

100 sq m
100 sq m
3600 sq m
400 sq m
Autumn is also the best time to kill Moss - so make sure your Autumn Feed contains Mosskiller.

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