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Shrubs for Shady Places
The bottom line is Plants need light to grow
and in shade they simply don't get enough.

Few, if any, plants actually like shade but some
can tolerate it better than others.
North facing walls never get the Sun, are in
permanent shade and face the coldest winds so
lack of heat becomes an additional problem.

Acuba Japonica Buxus Sempervivens

Camelia - all

Eleagnus - most Euonymous Radicans Farsia Japonica
Flame Flower Hypericum Calycinum Ligustrum - all
Lonicera Nitidia Mahonia Aquifolium Osmanthus Heterophylus
Pachysandra Terminalis Prunus Lusitanica Rhododendron - usually
Rubus - all Skimmia Japonica Symphoricarpos - all
Tropaeolum Speciosum Viburnum Davidii Vinca - all

N.B. Bulbs can do well in shady places

Plants that grow in shade tend to be vigorous growing ones that are slowed down by the lack of light but can still manage some growth.
Slow growing plants, on the other hand, grind to a halt and will probably go backwards and may die.
Don't expect good colour in shady places. Flowers require a lot of sunlight to develop and variegated plants will often revert back to the plain green.
Bulbs can do well in shady places, particularly in their first season, as they live off the food stored in the bulb and don't require light to the same extent.
However, after flowering, the lack of light means that the bulb may not be "re-filled" and so may not do as well in the following years.
Planted Tubs are usefull for shady places as they can be moved about.
Rotate your planted tubs so that none of them spends too much time in the shady area and what time it does spend in a shady area is made up for by time spent in a sunny area.

It can be difficult to grow a good lawn in shade.
Use a specially developed "Shady Places" lawn seed.

Mahonia Aquifolium for winter colour

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