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Slug Pellets:*
Watch out for slugs and snails
Protect the new growth of delphiniums, hostas and other vulnerable garden plants with a liquid slug killer. Water SlugClear over and around these decorative plants to kill off hidden slugs and snails, did you know that 80% of slugs are actually live under ground? If you prefer the power of pellets then sprinkle SlugClear Advanced Pellets thinly as directed on the pack around the plants you want to protect.


Slug and Snail killer

Slug Clear Advanced Pellets

Slug Clear Liquid

Always read the label. Use pesticides including Slug Pellets safely.
BugClear ™ and BugClear Gun!™ contain bifenthrin. EverGreen® Complete contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate. Pathclear® Ultra contains glyphosate, oxidiazon and diflufenican. Pathclear Gun!™ contains glyphosate and diuron. Roseclear Gun!™ contains bifenthrin and flutriafol. SlugClear™ Advanced Pellets and SlugClear™ contain metaldehyde. Weedol® 2 and Weedol Gun!™ contain diquat.
®, ™ , Miracle-Gro and Levington are Trade Marks of The Scotts Company or its affiliates.