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Boggy Ground

Damp or waterlogged soil is caused by poor drainage.
The most common cause of this is clay soil although other features can be responsible.
Most plants don't like waterlogged conditions and those that do have more in common
with aquatic plants than land plants.

Plants for Boggy Ground:
This is just 3 examples of plants that will grow in what is far from ideal growing conditions.
Most pond marginal plants will grow in boggy ground but converse is not necessarily so.
Click this link for list of Aquatic plants.

Trees suitable for badly drained soil:
Acer Alnus Carpinus Crataegus
Populus Pyrus Quercus Robur Salix

Click on the links below for more detailed information on problem soils
and for lists of plants to grow in them

Top Soil
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Sterilized to kill weeds
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