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Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is simply soil with too much sand in it, relative to the clay and humus content.
You can restore the balance by adding clay or humus. It isn't practical to add clay so we
usually add humus in the form of peat or farmyard manure.
Sandy soil drains well but it is light and can blow away in exposed places.

Plants for Sandy Soils:
Ceanothus Ceratostigma Clematis Cytisus
Daphne Euonymus Euphorbia Genista
Hypericum Ligustrum Mahonia Rosmarinus
Spiraea Stachyurus Weigela Wisteria
This is far from being an exhaustive list.

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and for lists of plants to grow in them

Top Soil
Screened to remove stones
Sterilized to kill weeds
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