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Only Very limited Range of Clothes Lines
and Accessories now left
A range of premium quality Rotary Clothes Lines.
High quality steel centre poles and lightweight aluminium arms for maximum stability.
Each size features:
PVC coated line, spaced for maximum airflow,
"Tidy Arm" clips,
Clothes hanger hooks,
"Easy Up" action
Split pole construction.
40m (2 - 4loads)
50m (4 - 5 loads)
60m (5 - 6 loads)
Tidy arm clips
"Easy Up" action and tactile grip
Clothes hanger hooks

Replacement Lines
Traditional line Replacement:
Rotary Clothes Line:
All sizes Replacement
Peg Bag

Clothes Pegs
Jumbo Gripper Pegs
Jumbo Gripper Pegs:
Pack of 36
Jumbo Gripper Pegs + Basket
Soft Grip Pegs
Soft Grip Pegs:
Pack of 24
Soft Grip Pegs + Basket

Retractable Lines
Retractable Clothes Lines.

Combining ergonomic design with practicality.
Retractable lines are available in single or multi versions with 15m lines that can be locked at any length.
Single Line: 15m
Single line extended
Multi Retractable Line
Multi Retractable Line:
Lines extended and spread
Multi Retractable Line:
Lines extended together

Tradtional Clothes Line & Accessories
Traditional Washing Pole
Traditional line Replacement:
Compact Extendable Line Prop
Compact Line Prop - middle
Compact Line Prop in use
Compact Line Prop - head

Rotary Clothes Line Accessories
Replacement Rotary Line:
Suitable for all Vento rotary models, mixed colours
Universal Ground Spike
Rotary Clothes Line Cover

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